MLB Draft Preview: Part 3 – Everyone is Mocking the Draft

We are now only a couple of days from the draft and the mock drafts keep coming from everywhere.  The best part of mock drafts is getting a feel for who would fall if certain teams make a pick.  This year in particular it gives a you a good feel for just how flat the talent level is.  So without further ado, here are the results of the most recent mock drafts.

PickTeamBaseball America (6/5)ESPN (6/4)MLB (5/21)Baseball Prospectus (6/5)Fangraphs (5/28) (6/1)
1DiamondbacksTyler StephensonDansby SwansonDansby SwansonDansby SwansonDansby SwansonDansby Swanson
2AstrosDansby SwansonAlex BregmanBrendan RodgersAlex BregmanBrendan RodgersAlex Bregman
3RockiesTyler JayBrendan RodgersTyler JayTyler JayAlex BregmanTyler Jay
4RangersBrendan RodgersDillon TateDaz CameronDillon TateDillon TateBrendan Rodgers
5AstrosDaz CameronKyle TuckerCarson FulmerBrendan RodgersKyle TuckerAndrew Benintendi
6TwinsKyle TuckerKolby AllardDillon TateWalker BuehlerDaz CameronDillon Tate
7Red SoxAlex BregmanAndrew BenintendiAlex BregmanAndrew BenintendiAndrew BenintendiCarson Fulmer
8White SoxCarson FulmerCarson FulmerJon HarrisCarson FulmerCarson FulmerJon Harris
9CubsJon HarrisTyler JayAndrew BenintendiKyle TuckerTyler JayWalker Buehler
10PhilliesDillon TateKevin NewmanWalker BuehlerIan HappTyler StephensonIan Happ
11RedsAndrew BenintendiGarrett WhitleyKyle TuckerTyler StephensonIan HappTyler Stephenson
12MarlinsTrenton ClarkTrenton ClarkTrenton ClarkDaz CameronTrenton ClarkKyle Tucker
13RaysJames KaprielianWalker BuehlerKyle FunkhouserTrenton ClarkJon HarrisTrenton Clark
14BravesAshe RussellTyler StephensonTyler StephensonCornelius RandolphCornelius RandolphCornelius Randolph
15BrewersKyle FunkhouserIan HappKolby AllardNick PlummerWalker BuehlerKolby Allard

So some quick thoughts:

  • Looking at these, the dream falls are Tate, Jay, and Tucker.  I really doubt any of them fall, but weird stuff happens in the draft.
  • I am Happ should be there and is very much in play
  • Jon Harris will go around #10, but reportedly the Phillies are really low on him.
  • If you are a Phillies fan you want the Diamondbacks to not take Swanson #1, just root for chaos.

Author: Matt Winkelman

Matt Winkelman

Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on Phuture Phillies, The Good Phight, and TheDynastyGuru.


  1. Everyone seems to be saying that unless Stephenson goes for a discount, he will be there at #10…if so, I would bet that he is our pick

    • That gives him a strong incentive to split the difference between #1 and #10 slot money. Even at a discount that is an awful lot more $ in his pocket, plus the likely marketable prestige of going #1.

  2. Dom

    I like this draft based on it unpredictable potential.

    • Philly SF


  3. tim

    Please no Tyler Stevenson I could give you some very good reasons . 1 he will be 19 in August that’s the same age Grullon is now. 2 Lino, Knapp, Grullon, Pusso are in front off him. 3 I don’t think he was a high rated prospects before this season Future games had him a second team last yr. 4 the new GM said he looks for the hit tool first then the power tool Tyler hit tool was graded at 45 which is below avg . 5 he could grow out the catcher’s position, he his run tool is that means 1st baseman or pitcher . He hit 2 home runs in front of Amaro I Think that is the only reason that we are linked to him.6 Grullon is the phillies defensive specialist at that position he is already at lakewood 2 yrs from now he maybe at AA. Almost All of the scouting has Tyler at around 20 . The phillies won a world series with cooch plus he caught 2 no hitters . I’D rather have Tucker , Happ, or a pitcher at the 10 spot. Just my opinion I don’t see the catcher’s position as a weakness we need corner outfielder’s and pitcher’s more.

    • Romus

      Tend to agree.
      Tucker would be my first choice, but he more then likely will be gone before the 10th selection.
      Happ would really a good pickup. And what you have to like about him….he doesn’t turn 21-years old until August I believe.
      So the last three years, he has been hitting and playing against players older then him and holding his own or better.
      If can he play 2nd again as he did in his freshmen year, then it would really ideal.

  4. philabaltfan

    Likewise, I would really like to see Ian Happ as our selection also as he has a better hit tool than Kevin Newman. The 2B position is a vacuum right now for the Phillies as it looks like there is no long term replacements for Utley. A infield of Franco, Crawford, Happ and Hoskins(guess) looks good for the future,

    • allentown1

      We have lots of candidates to play 2B. We have Herrera and Hernandez. Beyond that, with Crawford owning SS, all of the SS who have played so far this year (Canelo, Cuicas) along with the 3 LA SS we gave big bonuses to in this almost past international signing season become candidates for 2B.

      • allentown1

        Galvis also slides over to being 2B candidate, after Crawford takes over at SS.

  5. Steve (Tampa)

    I think the best outcome is for teams drafting ahead of the Phillies to select under slot draftees and for Dillon Tate to still be available at no. 10. Kevin Newman does not inspire me at all, and if forced to choose, I would much prefer Stephenson.

    I’m becoming more and more confident that the mediocre top talent is going to drive teams to employ an under slot strategy and the Phillies will end up with a decent talent at no. 10. I’m rooting for Tate at this point thinking that the three SSs, Cam and Tucker will certainly be gone as will Tyler Jay. All it takes is two or more teams thinking unconventional, under slot selections and the Phils get someone with significantly more upside that Newman

    • Romus

      I think Gillick has already made up his mind and will ‘look to go offensive’. as he put it.
      They are satisfied with the arms Ruben picked up over the off-season.
      He said that last month in a pre-game interview.
      I like to see them go Happ and then Chris Betts at 43 if he is still there, which is probably a long-shot..

  6. Chances less than you think — our 2nd round pick is #48, not #43

    • Romus


  7. tim

    I wish the pitcher from pa didn’t gave the Bama ship to play qb there. Stevenson just don’t it his age and lack of experience he was hurt in the beginning of the yr strained side . He was a pitcher last yr he hit 409 with 3 home runs catcher position is so thin this a guy from Espn said .