FO Hinting at Opening Day MiLB Rosters

Even before the Phillies started acquiring minor leaguers, Joe Jordan and the Phillies front office have been hinting that they are going to be taking it slow with their prospects.  This morning, Jake Kaplan (New Matt Gelb) had an article up with some more quotes and speculations on the subject.  Since each of these moves effects a group of players and not just an individual, lets take them one at a time.

J.P. Crawford

If we’ve got to wait four, six, eight weeks to get him up here (to Reading), it’s not the end of the world – Joe Jordan

The Phillies are open to the idea of Crawford opening in Reading, but it looks like they are fine holding him back some to start the year.  It is a little bit disappointing to not have Crawford as a lock for Reading, but it is important to remember that this is his 2nd full year in pro-ball.  If they keep Crawford in Clearwater, the two players most affected are Malquin Canelo and Emmanuel Marrero.  Both are glove first shortstops who probably are best served being in Lakewood, but with both deserving playing time, it was looking like one might get the bump to Clearwater.

Roman Quinn

In what is a more surprising move than Crawford, Kaplan reports that Amaro implied that Quinn could start back in Clearwater.  The move would give Aaron Altherr the Reading center field job (though Altherr could also go to AAA).  I think Quinn is ready to face Reading and I am not sure why they will keep him back.  Joe Jordan did note that Quinn and Crawford are not on the same path.  Outside of Altherr, the other affected player here is Carlos Tocci who should be in Clearwater this year.  Tocci needs to play everyday and playing him in a corner seems to not make much sense.  Ultimately, I think Quinn opens in AAm and if Altherr is there he moves to right field.


Right now the rotation locks appear to be:
Clearwater: Victor Arano/Yoel Mecias
Reading: Aaron Nola/Ben Lively/Tom Windle/Zach Eflin
Lehigh Valley: Joely Rodriguez/Adam Morgan/Adam Loewen/Sean O’Sullivan

Right now the hints are that Severino Gonzalez goes to AAA and Jesse Biddle goes to AA.  Aaron Nola regardless of starting location, should move very quickly.  I personally would send Biddle to AAA, but the Phillies might want to rebuild his confidence some, with some good starts.  This also makes a move to the bullpen for Hoby Milner a forgone conclusion.  The other consequence is that Miguel Nunez likely gets a second shot at Clearwater.  Mark Leiter could stay in the Clearwater or make a move to the bullpen.  Other possibilities in Clearwater include 2014 draftees Matt Imhof and Brandon Leibrandt, as well as injured RHP Drew Anderson.

Maikel Franco:

There is absolutely no reason he should break camp in the big leagues and the Phillies have made this fairly clear.  The extra year of control and 1-2 months of roster flexibility is much more valuable.  Plus he has stuff to work on.

Other Banquet Notes:

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Author: Matt Winkelman

Matt Winkelman
Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on Phuture Phillies, The Good Phight, and TheDynastyGuru.


  1. Romus

    What is Tocci’s weight?
    Weights seem to be a classified secret in the organization.
    Franco has been listed at 180lbs for the last four years.

    • phillysf

      Ill bet that is what Franco weighed when he was initial signed

  2. Dave47

    I hope Quinn starts in Reading both for his sake and Tocci’s. It would seem counterproductive to have both at the same level because they both need to play everyday. Based on Arizona results (small sample) it seems Quinn should be able to handle or at least grow into AA. As a big Tocci fan I keep hoping the strength will come and that he develops the ability to utilize his reported speed to translate into steals.

  3. Matt, if Quinn starts in Clearwater, do they have Tocci start in Lakewood again?