The Phillies Trade Chase Utley for Two Not Chase Utleys

I will the writers better than I at The Good Phight (Liz Roscher 1.0, Liz Roscher 2.0, and John Stolnis)  and Crashburn Alley (Adam Dembowitz and Bill Baer) be more sentimental about Chase because I am not sure I could make it through writing it.  Chase Utley is a Hall of Famer for me and a Top 5 player in franchise history.  He and Albert Pujols were the two best players in baseball for a 5 year stretch.  The Phillies were never going to replace him, instead he will rejoin Jimmy Rollins for the Dodgers.  In return the Phillies are getting 2 not Chase Utleys.

Not-Chase-Utley #1: Darnell Sweeney?

The early rumors is that 2B/CF Darnell Sweeney is one of the players coming back from the Dodgers.  Sweeney has seen his stock rise slowly since going in the 13th round of the 2012 draft (out of college, he is now 24).  He has moved off shortstop to splitting time between second base and center field.  He is a plus runner and might be a fringe average defender at second base.  He is not a great base stealer yet despite the speed.  At the plate he will flash fringe average raw power, but that has regressed this season.  He has some feel for contact but swings and misses more than you would like given the power.  He is Rule 5 eligible this offseason, but probably gets a 40 man roster spot immediately and sees time in the majors for the Phillies down the stretch.  He is probably an upgrade on Cesar Hernandez because he has his minor league options intact, but he runs into a lot of the same problems as a bench player.  He can play center field but with Herrera and Altherr, along with Williams and Quinn, the Phillies aren’t lacking in players who can shift to center field in a pinch.  It will be interesting to see who the Phillies go with at second base down the stretch.

Not-Chase-Utley #2: John Richy

Richy is a potential back end starter with an above average to plus fastball and average breaking ball.  Richy was the Dodgers’ 3rd round pick last year and was victimized by the Cal League this season.  It is a potential back end starter profile if it all works out.

Overall it is going to be difficult to evaluate this trade objectively given Utley’s significance to the franchise, no return is going to feel fair.  I will try to be more fair on this in the future and into the offseason, but for now I might seem unfairly negative towards the value of the trade return.

Author: Matt Winkelman

Matt Winkelman

Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on Phuture Phillies, The Good Phight, and TheDynastyGuru.


  1. keith

    I fully support your negativity.

  2. Tim

    I call Cesar Herandez ” T Ball ” cause he hits the ball like it came of the cone in T Ball league. What ready gets me is that kike Hernandez had good stats and Kendricks looks like he’s Coming off the ir in sept. The Dodgers themselves are old and look like there in a free fall. Oakland just beat them twice SF is just .5 games back and are getting some players back. I hope CHASE comes back in FA for at least 1 more seaon. The phillies rebuild is going to take 5 yrs away. Chase played the game the right way on and off the field.

  3. Romus

    I like Richy..not sure about Sweeney, though in all fairness he will serve a very utilitarian type position on the team.
    What I saw what the Cardinals gave up, Rob Kaminsky, for Brandon Moss…I thought that Ruben could have received more in return for Chase.

    • philabaltfan

      Have to disagree with you Romus on the return for Utley. Given that their were only two or three teams that Chase would go to I thought the return was not great but fair. Utley will also be a Free Agent at the end of the year now which reduced his value more. As difficult as this trade was it was necessary to continue the rebuild and do a favor for Chase by sending him to a team contending. Every one wins in this trade.

      • Romus

        ILO of Sweeney would have preferred someone like
        OFers Johan Mieses or Jordan Paroubeck…two players below Sweeney in their system, lottery tix so to speak….and years away….but potentially higher ceiling.
        But Ruben wanted someone it seems now to play, for whatever reason.

  4. Eddie

    Sure seems like they have a couple guys theyre intent on acquiring a lot of:

    1) Top of the order 2B-OF types (Herrera, Hernandez, Sweeney)

    2) RHP back-of-rotation prospects.