The Offseason: Improvements, Updates, Suggestions

The minor league season is officially over and now we begin the transition to fall ball and the offseason proper.  The articles and content are likely to be more sporadic as I spend more time on larger pieces and site improvements, but there will be plenty of new things coming out fairly often.  I have to catch up on updating the velocity and other tables with about the last months worth of data (and will continue to add as we get reports from fall league and instructs).  Additionally, I will be working to update the scouting report and video sections on the player pages to make them a better source of information for everyone to stop by and check out.

Outside of that I am looking for suggestions for other data you want to see on the site to make it a good reference source on the Phillies’ system.  What other kinds of reports would you like to see this fall and winter as we start to work towards a more exciting Phillies’ future?

Change Log and Updates:


Author: Matt Winkelman

Matt Winkelman

Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on Phuture Phillies, The Good Phight, and TheDynastyGuru.


  1. Murray

    Matt – I think we could all do a better job of limiting our focus to the guys who have a legit possibility of actually being Phillies one day. I’m not referring to the cup of coffee guys but the potential starting players. Some guys like Altherr cross over from the 5th OF list to possible starter list, and its exciting when that happens but, it doesn’t happen often. More often is the case where guys like Joseph and Dugan fall off the list. How long is our list of possible starters, starting pitchers, and closers or set up guys? Thanks

    • I actually prefer the detailed reviews of the guys who are unlikely to be more than emergency starters but have a decent shot to make the Phillies in some capacity. There is a lot of easily found material written about our top farm guys who are vying for starting line-up and starting rotation spots. It can be very difficult to find basic information, such as consistent FB velocity, FB movement, and quality of breaking pitches for the more marginal prospects whose ceiling is likely middle relief, especially a guy like Roibal, who comes practically out of nowhere. Since I get to watch the Allentown and Reading teams, it is particularly useful to me to be able to read detailed analyses of the guys in the low minors. Reports from FIL are always very welcome.

      • Agree with Allentown. There are a dozen other places where I can read about JP Crawford and Jorge Alfaro. There are very few other places where I can learn much about Grenny Cumana or Chace Numata.

        • Anthony

          I agree as well. There’s something exciting and special about studying and learning about players who have a real good chance of one day making the Phillies.

      • I’d love, love to see tool grades compared and compiled across time. You give _____ a 40/50 hit tool; but what did you give him last year, and the year before? And what did BA/BP give him?

        Even for serious fans, some of this raw data needs to be interpreted, and I’d love help in seeing the game the way scouts do. Now some of that is maybe outside the purpose of the site, but I think some of it could be done with a Phillies-centric focus. Ferinstance: video of ___’s curveball this year compared to his curveball last year, or compared to the curveball of some other pitcher. Video of ___’s swing, compared to some guy that doesn’t make that mistake you’re talking about.

        As this site grows and ages, I think it would be useful to keep tabs on the farm products as they leave the system. How have they progressed? Do the predictions you/others made hold up?

        Finally, much more Willians Astudillo content. Two articles a week, minimum.

  2. Romus

    Can you get your own brief personal Q&A with all or one of BA/BP/Fansgraph’s sports analyst, to ask what you feel are pertinent questions on Phillies prospects.

  3. Flounder588

    Maybe you could provide an amateur scouting 101. If i ever went to a game, i wouldn’t have a clue what info others would be interested in or would be helpful. With cellphones now, most of us have a camera at games and could take a quick video of a swing or throwing motion.

    Also maybe you could regularly update who/what to look for at each level. ex. A guy just promoted, watch how he does against that really good opposing starting pitcher.

  4. Not sure how or if this is possible but is there a way for you to include the quality of the opponent. It’s great know that a philly prospect k’d 12 but not if 11 of those 12 are career minor leaguers.

  5. spongehead

    I’d love to see a running list of when each player needs to be put on the 40 man, options left, etc. You could have a ‘roster management’ section. Also agree on keeping tabs on players who left the system.

    You are doing a great job, keep it up. thx

  6. Kurdt Kobeyn

    Matt – i would love to see a side by side analysis of the strategies, results or ratings of draft (rule 4, rule 5) and international signings. may we can start post 2008 going forward. i really like the 2015 class and admittedly i will have different rd1 to rd 10.