Some News, Notes, and Drooling over Franklyn Kilome

Let’s start with the drooling and go from there as Chris King was at a showdown between Franklyn Kilome and a rehabbing Jameson Tallion.

There really is no amount of overhyping you can do on this guy.  Apparently the changeup has also been very good.  At the beginning of the year I had him as the #2 prospect in the system by the end of the season, and I see no reason to change that thought now.  There are almost no arms in the draft that can match his projection and now stuff, and he is just getting better every outing.  Right now he looks slated for Williamsport, but that might not be enough of a challenge.

Chris also passed along that RHP Adonis Medina was 93-96 with a hammer curveball.  Adonis dominated the DSL last year with a 1.37 ERA over 26.1 IP with 4 BB and 22 K.  Last year in fall instructs he was 88-89 touching 90.  He just turned 18 this past December (birthday is 12-18-1996).

EDIT:  Baseball Betsy took video of Kilome yesterday



  • Phillies released Corey Bass and Mike Nesseth.  Nesseth just never was able to miss bats with his stuff despite having a low 90s FB with movement
  • Newly acquired Blake Forsythe goes to Reading where he will be the backup for Gabriel Lino
  • Chace Numata goes to Clearwater, where there should be some more ABs with 1B open while Zach Green is out
  • Jose Mayorga drops down to be the 3rd catcher in Lakewood

Site News:

Matt Speck is back for the summer joining Chris LaBarge with semi-regular contributions.  At some point in the next few weeks you will see some of the behind the scenes things changing as well, especially with regards to the player pages.  Spencer Bingol has lead the charge on getting things done, but we are really excited about the potential outcome.

Mailbag Questions:

I am soliciting questions for a mailbag early next week.  Send me questions on Twitter or here.

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Author: Matt Winkelman

Matt Winkelman

Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on Phuture Phillies, The Good Phight, and TheDynastyGuru.


  1. I felt weird putting him in my top-10 this past year, but I’m a sucker for tall, power-pitchers who have good body control. He seems to be developing into one of those.

    Also, WHO IS THIS ADONIS MEDINA GUY?! He should pull a Kobe and only go by his first name.

  2. romus

    Does Kilome have more of an upside/ceiling then Nola?

    • Matt Winkelman

      Yes he does. That isn’t a knock against Nola. Nola is incredibly safe because of his command, but his stuff is capped in many ways. Kilome has near limitless projection on his stuff and and easy enough delivery that you could see command coming (very unlikely it gets to Nola level). There are only a handful of starters in the minors with more ceiling that Kilome. He’s that exciting.

      • Romus

        Sounds like a true ‘ace’ potential pitching prospect…..that is good.

  3. Frank

    Here’s a question concerning teams we might trade with this summer (Boston, St. Louis, Miami, LA, Seattle, Detroit):

    Who are the guys in those systems currently down in the rankings but with all sorts of potential? Hitters or pitchers we could get in trades because they aren’t consensus top guys but could be in a year or so. Their versions of Kilome basically.

  4. Dave47

    Looking ahead a couple of years I could see an infield of Franco, Crawford and Galvis or Herrera or Valentin at second, with Quinn or Tocci in center, but who at the outfield corners and catcher (Assuming Grullon isn’t ready)? Could a Hamels trade net a good potential player at either or both positions? Our minor league pitching is certainly looking up but corner outfielders with good potential seem scarce maybe a result of drafting “toolsy” athletes rather than baseball players….

    • phillysf

      @Dave 47 arent corner outfielders generally toolsy guys? I guess left fielders are normally slow with power and not as good of an arm as the the toolsy right fielders right ? , just a thought, the only guy I see in the system that fits corner outfield mold and is close to the majors is Alther

      • Romus

        Once Hamels is traded , I am sure they will try to go after a power OFer in the trade…the one who comes to mind if the Yankees are the team , is Aaron Judge.

  5. Harangatang

    What do you see as a realistic type of prospect return for Aaron Harang? I like the idea of Mark Zagunis from the Cubs, Brett Phillips (or any number of their righty bats) from Houston, Grichuck from the Cardinals, Liriano from the Padres… I know they are at varying levels of development, but any of these seem like the type of return we might get?

    • Romus

      If Ruben could get Zagunis for Harang from the Cubs I would be all in.
      And I think it could be a distinct possibility, if the Cubs wanted Harang
      Zagunis is the catcher that could be what they need, with a good plate discipline.
      It will come down to him, Knapp and Grullon at some point after 2017.

  6. Kurdt

    Matt – I agree with you that Mecias is a very good prospect. Was he eligible for the 2014 Rule 5 Draft? If so, why the Phillies left him unprotected and why the other teams didn’t draft him? Is it because he was injured or is there something that the Phils and other MLB teams worry about Mecias?

    • Matt Winkelman

      He his Rule 5 eligible this year (signed after the season in 2010)

      I am worried about the injury and the lack of information we are hearing about it.

      • Kurdt

        Matt – thanks!! Seeing Mecias (hopefully with Nola, Lively and Eflin) in the 40-man roster gives me hope eventhough we have to wait for 2 more years for Kilome. Likewise, I rather see Charles, Astudillo, Stassi, Steward rather than the vets like Sizemore, etc. For you mailbag, can you discuss who are the Phillies in the current roster (except Hamels, Paps, Harang, Howard and Utley since we already know a lot about it) that the Phillies can trade that will give value to the team? Do you think the front off see Ruf and Asche in the future and do they have trade value as well?

  7. RevereTrade

    Some talk about a revere trade. Is he even that valuable? What could we hope to get? If the Angels are the team, I’d like to see the Phillies target some guys who will almost definitely be major league bench guys but would play frequently on our team and get a chance to show more. Thinking Jett Bandy and Chad Hinshaw. Thoughts?

    • Kurdt

      Unfortunately for the phillies, LAA farm is weak. If phillies can get gatto + bandy – i say fire away!! a straight up swap with gatto works for me and if gatto is not available a bandy + top 15 prospect (i.e. alcantara, green) is still acceptable

      • Romus

        I think you can get straight up Gatto for Revere.
        Which would be a plus trade for Ruben, especially what he also got for JRoll and Marlon Byrd.