Roman Quinn Headlines Phillies Arizona Fall League Participants

Here is your Phillies Arizona Fall League participants, outside of Quinn there are a lot of relievers trying to get protected from Rule 5 draft.

Roman Quinn – CF – Clearwater – .252/.330/.361 6 HR 30 SBs

Roman Quinn has returned from an Achilles injury better than anyone could have predicted, with his speed still intact.  In deference to J.P. Crawford, Quinn has moved to center field and the fall should give him plenty of reps in the outfield.  Quinn should be an outstanding defender in centerfield with his elite speed and plus arm.  The bat is now the main focus as Quinn will need to become comfortable from both sides of the plate and begin to show more ability to drive the ball.

Colton Murray – RHP – Clearwater/Reading – 72.1 IP 2.24 ERA 28 BB 74 K

Colton Murray has become to sneak up towards the major leagues in the past few months.  He doesn’t have an elite pitch, but a fastball up to 95 and a solid mix of pitches he can throw in the zone make a ceiling as a major league reliever very attainable.  He is Rule 5 eligible this offseason and is certainly on the fringes of being selected by a team looking for a 7th reliever.

Nefi Ogando – RHP – Reading – 53 IP 6.62 ERA 27 BB 53 K

Nefi Ogando is an exciting arm with a fastball up to 99 and the ability to dominate for a week straight.  The problem is the slider goes from 30 to 60 potential and the control goes from fringe average to non-existent.  When he is on he looks like an elite reliever, when he is not he doesn’t look like a major leaguer.  The Phillies got him for John McDonald last September and he is also Rule 5 eligible this offseason.

Ethan Stewart – LHP – Clearwater – 99.2 IP 4.88 ERA 58 BB 65 K

Ethan Stewart has been an enigma since the Phillies signed him.  He will show a very solid 3 pitch mix, but he can also lose his delivery.  The 6’7″ lefty has been much better since a move to the bullpen and could move quick there if he can maintain the command.  His fastball can reach into the mid-90s, but we will see how high he can get in short stints.  Like seemingly everyone else, he is Rule 5 eligible.

Logan Moore – C – Clearwater/Reading – .222/.287/.326 3 HR

Moore was the Phillies 9th round pick in the 2011 draft out of JC.  The bat hasn’t come around, but he will occasionally pop one out.  Moore is a very good defender behind the plate and could carve out a career as a major league backup if he can hit at least mediocrely.

Ryan O’Sullivan – RHP – Reading – 100 IP 4.23 ERA 37 BB 60 K

Younger brother of frequent Phillies commuter Sean O’Sullivan, Ryan was the Dodger’s 4th round pick in 2011, but he ended up signing for underslot after he failed his physical.  The Phillies acquired him for Joe Blanton in 2012 and Ryan spent 2013 being fairly solid in the Clearwater bullpen.  He has been both a reliever and starter for the Fightin Phils, and has been better as a reliever (3.33 ERA) than as a starter (5.08 ERA).  He brings a bunch of fringe average offerings to the mound along with a low-90s fastball and has really struggled to miss bats as a pro.  O’Sullivan is also Rule 5 eligible and profiles as a middle reliever if he can tick the stuff up a little bit, but likely a AAA reliever.

To Be Announced – Unknown – Reading? – ? IP ? ERA ? BB ? K

The Phillies will be sending one more pitcher to the AFL, the rumor is it is not Biddle, that leaves Neris, Wright, Simon, Nesseth, and Rosinhas primary candidates.

In other news, Matt Gelb is reporting Kelly Dugan has a broken bone in his foot

And Steven Gross is reporting Maikel Franco will play winter ball

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