Ranking Supplement – Catchers and Infielders

Not all minor leaguers are what we commonly call prospects, not all major leaguers were considered prospects, there are plenty of players on the fringes who make a major league debut without ever appearing on a prospect list.  There are other prospects that are so far away or risky that ranking them on a prospect list right now would be irresponsible.  The minors are also littered with players who will never reach the major leagues, but minor league rosters need to be filled, and preferably with players who will help teams win while being good teammates and mentors to higher end prospects.  My goal is to highlight as many of these players as I know things about.

Since there are so many people to talk about, I am going to split this into positional groups.  The order of the players is the order they were on the spreadsheet I was working with, coupled with last minute additions because I forgot about someone.  Up first is catchers and infielders.

(age as of opening day)


Gregori Rivero 19 y/o  5’11” 194lbs

Williamsport (SS)31118302.5%13.6%.219.237.386

Rivero just missed the main list.  He is a converted shortstop with a strong arm and improving feel for receiving. A switch hitter who shows good contact abilities with some power, Rivero still struggles due to an aggressive approach.  He tore up La Liga Parrallel this winter (Venezuelan development league) with a .347/.374/.503 line against younger competition.  His ceiling is likely as a defense first back up.

Austin Bossart 22 y/o 6’2″ 225lbs

Williamsport (SS)37146100.0%12.3%.333.359.420

Bossart was a highly regarded senior sign out of UPenn who the Phillies drafted in the 14th round of the 2015 draft.  He is highly regarded for his defense, but he hit well in the New York-Penn League (though he didn’t draw a walk).  His defense may be good enough to be a backup if he keeps hitting.

Chace Numata 23 y/o 6’0″ 175lbs

Lakewood (A-)4160012.5%6.3%.357.438.429
Clearwater (A+)73290126.9%11.4%.263.322.324

Numata missed a lot of time after being drafted in 2011.  He was a shortstop in high school and still is not a great receiver, but he has a strong arm and is athletic behind the plate.  He has a good feel for contact, though he lacks power.  He is likely an org guy, but he has some defensive potential.

Logan Moore 25 y/o 6’3″ 200lbs

Reading (AA)27103206.8%16.5%.221.275.347
Lehigh Valley (AAA)42149108.7%20.1%.276.338.351

Moore has been consistently cited as one of the best defenders in the Phillies’ system, but has been a poor hitter up until this year in AAA.  He has the potential to be a backup catcher, but he is blocked in the Phillies’ organization by hitters who can combine offense and defense.

Lenin Rodriguez 18 y/o 5’9″ 165lbs

VSL (Rk)60231419.5%5.6%.258.346.374

The Phillies gave Rodriguez $300,000 in 2014, and after an invite for Extended Spring Training he was sent to the VSL for the 2015 season.  Rodriguez’s defense was questioned when he was signed, but his bat was supposed to carry him.  In 2015 he walked more than he struck out (22 to 12) and showed some power.  He should make his stateside debut in 2016 for the GCL Phillies.

Rafael Marchan 17 y/o 5’9″ 170lbs

Marchan was Baseball America’s #23 international prospect this past July, and the Phillies signed him for $200,000.  Marchan is a switch hitting converted shortstop, who moved behind the plate within the past year.  He is a smart hitter with a good approach and feel for contact, but lacks big power projection.  A good spring good see him join a crowded GCL catching group.

Rodolfo Duran 18 y/o 5’9″ 170lbs

GCL (Rk)3686013.5%19.8%.185.221.247

The diminutive Duran beat out Lenin Rodriguez for a spot in the GCL this past season.  He struggled greatly, but the Phillies like his potential both at and behind the plate.  He will be fighting for a spot in the GCL for 2016.

Jesus Posso 21 y/o 5’11” 201lbs

Williamsport (SS)42173604.0%13.9%.236.283.404

Posso’s stock took a hit this year when he moved to first base for most of the season with Bossart and Rivero in Williamsport.  Scouts don’t love his swing due to its length, but think he has a lot of power in his wrists.  There are also plenty of evaluators that think his catching days are permanently done due to poor actions behind the plate.  As a catcher he is intriguing, as a first baseman, he is just an org guy.

First Base

Brock Stassi 26 y/o 6’2″ 190lbs

Reading (AA)13355415313.9%11.4%.300.394.470

Stassi is an older first baseman who had a career year, and EL MVP, after making swing adjustments before his second shot at Reading.  Stassi has a great approach and showed a solid hit tool.  His lack of plus power likely keeps him from being a major league regular.  The Phillies invited him to spring training this year so there is a small window for him to hit his way into consideration.

Brendon Hayden 23 y/o 6’5″ 215lbs

Williamsport (SS)502053011.2%13.2%.291.376.385

Hayden is a lanky first baseman who the Phillies took in the 16th round in 2015.  An eye infection set his season back some in Williamsport.  He put up very good contact and approach numbers, but almost no power.  He hit for power in college so if he can get back to that he could have a similar path to a player like Brock Stassi.

Tommy Joseph 24 y/o 6’1″ 215lbs

GCL (Rk)13413017.1%0.0%.485.585.848
Lehigh Valley (AAA)45175301.7%18.9%.193.220.301

Joseph is the last remaining player from the Hunter Pence trade, now that Seth Rosin has moved on.  Concussions ended his career behind the plate and he now will need to make it at first base.  He has big raw power, but his hit tool likely never allows him to use it enough to reach the majors.

Art Charles 25 y/o 6’6″ 220lbs

Reading (AA)913298111.6%30.4%.215.304.367

Charles has now completed 3 years in the Phillies’ org doing two things well, hitting home runs and striking out.  He can walk some and hit right handed pitching, but he is the AA version of old Ryan Howard, complete with bad defense.

Second Baseman

Angelo Mora 23 y/o 5’11” 151lbs

Clearwater (A+)62241043.3%11.6%.304.326.405
Reading (AA)371313012.2%20.6%.327.411.531

This past season saw Mora go from a no hit middle infielder to a surprising contributor.  His power is limited despite hitting 3 home runs in Reading to end the year.  His glove is poor at second base and near unplayable at shortstop which limits his potential as a utility infielder.  He is going to have to fight for reps and second base with Jesmuel Valentin this year.

Carlos Alonso 28 y/o 6’0″ 205lbs

Reading (AA)12510217.6%11.8%.262.392.333

Alonso is a great minor league player, or he was before his knee got blown up in 2015.  Back healthy for the 2016 season, Alonso plays a solid second base, grinds at bats, can hit, and has some pop.  He will need a lot of luck to get a cup of coffee, but he will solidify any minor league roster he is on.

Drew Stankiewicz 22 y/o 5’10” 180lbs

Lakewood (A-)52230148.7%11.7%.288.354.389
Clearwater (A+)47188048.5%13.8%.275.333.341
Glendale (AFL)832009.4%9.4%.483.531.621

Stankiewicz is the typical middle infield grinder.  He plays hard, and is a tough out with good contact.  He can play shortstop in a pinch, but is not long term option there.  He has no power, but has enough defensive flexibility that he could be an up and down utility player.


Dylan Bosheers 23 y/o 5’11” 170lbs

Williamsport (SS)40142007.7%20.4%.194.255.240

Bosheers put up a great college career at Tennessee Tech hitting .330/.417/.521 over 221 games.  It went much worse in pro-ball where he started off by going 4-57 to start his pro career.  He did finish the year by going 21-72 to provide some optimism.  His power wasn’t present at all in pro-ball.  He will need to be able to play all over the infield to carve out a role as an org utility infielder.

Emmanuel Marrero 22 y/o 6’0″ 180lbs

Lakewood (A-)20187125.3%16.0%.182.239.265
Clearwater (A+)1130003.3%13.3%.214.241.214

When the Phillies took Marrero in the 7th round of the 2014 draft some considered him a sleeper because his glove was considered above average at shortstop.  He has not hit in his first two years and will be fighting to keep a spot in the organization this spring.

Grenny Cumana 20 y/o 5’5″ 143lbs

Williamsport (SS)32119036.7%3.4%.226.297.264
Lakewood (A-)582120114.7%11.8%.203.243.234

Cumana earned a spot in Lakewood to start the year, but poor contact due to lack of strength got him demoted to Williamsport midsummer.  Cumana will hit better as he puts on weight, but will never be offensive asset.  However, he is a good defender at shortstop with a plus or better arm.  He also is a plus defender at second base and a plus plus runner.

Jose Antequera 20 y/o 5’10” 160lbs

GCL (Rk)411471157.5%10.2%.246.303.343
Clearwater (A+)24000.0%25.0%.000.000.000

Tiny infielder who played all over the diamond for the GCL Phillies.  Lacks impact in his bat and reports on his glove were not glowing.  Very fast runner who could stick around the org for a bit.

Luis Espiritu Jr. 19 y/o 6’0″ 175lbs

GCL (Rk)1347026.4%19.1%.167.234.190
Williamsport (SS)1351039.831.4.267.333.333
Clearwater (A+)48000.0%37.5%.000.000.000

Another middle infielder who lacks impact with his bat.  Played the entire season at age 18, so he has room to fill out.  He is listed as a shortstop, but played second base and third base exclusively in 2015.  He is still really young, but he didn’t get a lot of buzz from evaluators, so really a wait and see.

William Cuicas 21 y/o 5’11” 160lbs

Williamsport (SS)37183037.2%26.8%.187.257.276
Lakewood (A-)380012.537.

Cuicas hit his way through the GCL as a 19 year old in 2014, but his trip to Williamsport this past season went poorly.  He lacks power or impact speed, and might not have the glove for shortstop.  He will be 21 in 2016, so he might not stick around long if he can’t rebound.

Third Base

Damek Tomscha 24 y/o 6’2″ 220lbs

Lakewood (A-)120497827.8%16.3%.282.368.417

The Phillies drafted Tomscha twice, separated by 4 years.  Over the years, many teams wanted to put Tomscha on the mound because of his arm strength, but he has always wanted to hit.  He has moderate power and is a fine defender and third and first base.  He is older and lacks impact power, with doubles more than home runs.  He could be a solid org guy for a few years.

Harold Martinez 25 y/o 6’3″ 208lbs

Clearwater (A+)833009.1%21.2%.179.250.250
Reading (AA)86284416.316.2.292.335.400

Martinez was a gamble when the Phillies took him in the 2nd round of the 2011 draft.  He was a monster his first two years at Miami, even leading the ACC in home runs during his sophomore year.  The change in bats sapped his power, and it has never come back in the six seasons since.  He was left for dead in the Phillies’ system, and started the year in Reading, before being demoted and joined the Threshers for the 5th time in his career.  He was then repromoted to Reading and put up a surprisingly solid season for the Fightins.  He is an ok defender at third base, and his power is still poor, but he hit enough to possibly hang around affiliated ball for a few more seasons.

Mitch Walding 23 y/o 6’3″ 190lbs

Clearwater (A+)1204614510.4%25.4%.233.318.315

The Phillies gave Walding a lot of money in the 2011 draft to forgo college baseball.  A former shortstop, Walding’s glove has translated well to third base and he is plus defender now.  His bat remains very poor, with poor contact and almost non-existent power.  Walding didn’t hit well enough to earn a trip to Reading, and that could leave Walding buried on the bench or out of baseball.

Zach Green 22 y/0 6’3″ 185lbs

Clearwater (A+)26111105.4%25.2%.173.216.221

Green is another former shortstop moved to the hot corner, but unlike Walding, Green is only a passable defender at third.  In 2013, he set the Williamsport home run record.  In 2014, the power stepped back, but his contact increased.  His 2015 was a lost season with a broken wrist.  He has above average to plus power, which makes him interesting if he can get healthy again.

Ricardo Baez 17 y/o 6’2″ 195lbs

DSL (rk)381021211.8%26.5%.161.277.287

Baez was one of the youngest players in affiliated baseball in 2015, and was a few days from not being eligible to sign during the 2014 signing period.  He hit poorly in his attempt at the DSL in 2015.  He also played left field and first base in addition to third base.  The Phillies gave him a decent bonus ($100,000) so he is worth watching as he starts to be age appropriate for his level.

Author: Matt Winkelman

Matt Winkelman
Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on Phuture Phillies, The Good Phight, and TheDynastyGuru.


  1. MLL

    Thanks, Matt. This is great. We all get to hear so much about the leading prospects, but very little about the fringe guys. Really appreciate your analyses!

  2. One of the coaches told me that Numata had the best pop time in the organization last season. Sorry, I can’t remember his name, but he was at the Complex all last season.

    Harold Martinez didn’t start the season in the FSL. He was sent down in early June. At the time, I thought it might be to help out at 1B in Clearwater. We were really short at the position when Zach Green was injured. But there may have been a numbers squeeze at Reading. A few days after Martinez returned to Reading, Rhys Hoskins was called up to Clearwater from Lakewood.

    • Matt Winkelman

      Thanks, I don’t have Numata as the best on the ones I have collected, but based on what I do have, he is totally in the range to match Grullon (and Alfaro)

      • I remembered the name of the coach, Mike Compton. He is also credited with creating the Ball Hawg retrieval device.