Questions Going Into Midseason Rankings

I don’t think I have officially posted this, but the midseason Top 30 will come out on August 1.  The idea was that I wanted to account for any trades the Phillies make, but more importantly I wanted to let the short season teams play some and hear the reports on low level guys and draft picks.  So far so good with the plan as there is a lot more information now than there was a couple weeks ago.  This is important because rankings are about information, not order for me.  The order is really not that important because the writeups should tell you how valuable each player is.  What the order does is give me a quick way of going back to self evaluate over the years and my favorite part, the ability to question beliefs about what is more valuable.  Occasionally you reach points in the ranking process where two players are of similar enough profile you can say one is strictly better than another, but most of the time you are comparing two disparate things.  So with that said, I am going to fill the time from now until the rankings letting you behind the scenes into the debates and discussions I am having.  Here are some of those ideas, feel free to chime in if you especially want me to cover one or if there is another interesting topic to cover.

  • Edubray Ramos is clearly the top relief pitching prospect in the system right now.  How does that rank against everyday players?  Where is the balance between upside, risk, and proximity lie with relievers?
  • What is the risk/reward of Aaron Altherr in terms of final defensive position, how do we balance his value in center field vs right field?
  • What is important for a catching prospect?  What parts of a game to we reasonably expect future growth in?
  • Adonis Medina, Bailey Falter, and Sam McWilliams are in various stages of development in the GCL.  How do we separate previous organization developmental successes from a specific player’s’ future development?
  • Jose Pujols has immense upside and is putting up huge numbers, what are our continued worries about his future and what kind of risk do they imply?
  • Jonathan Arauz is very young, his hitting well, should be able to play shortstop long term.  When is too early to bump a guy up and how do we avoid overrating a player so that we can be first on them?
  • Cord Sandberg is hitting better of late, is there anything tangible to it or are we reading into noise too much?
  • Now that Tom Windle is in the bullpen, what does his profile look like and how does he fit in going forward?
  • Luis Encarnacion is still only 17, but is a first baseman going forward.  How good does his bat have to be and what do we expect from him?
  • Elniery Garcia and Ben Lively don’t have big stuff but both could be major league starters at some point, how valuable is a back end starter profile if it comes with risk?

Author: Matt Winkelman

Matt Winkelman

Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on Phuture Phillies, The Good Phight, and TheDynastyGuru.


  1. Romus

    Have to assume JPC and Aaron Nola sit at the top,one and two respectively…..but at a close three could it be Zach Eflin? And does he have a higher ceiling then Aaron Nola? Not sure where I read it….but a Phillies’ manager/coach had brought that up.

    • Matt Winkelman

      I like Zach Eflin, Zach Eflin could be quite good. But he does not have more upside than Aaron Nola. He also is not in the Top 5 prospects in the system right now.

    • Travis

      I think top behind Nola/Crawford[since Nola might graduate] is either Kilome[he is top100 in all of MiLB] or whoever headlines a potential Hamels trade.

      Lots of interesting names. More interested in how many 50+ and 55+ prospects than a real order.

  2. Eric D

    I was just listening to podcast that had a sports science guy who wrote a book (can’t think of off the top of my head) about the best athletes of all time. One of the things he took into consideration was durability . . Does that come into play w prospects? I mean Quinn and Dugan are def top 10 guys right? Maybe top 15 w Dugan but they can’t stay on the field, does that mean anything to how they are as prospects besides the obvious fact that we can’t see them play bc they are hurt. Do you take it one injury at a time or can you encompass them all? I know some are freak injuries but why do these injuries seem to happen to already injury prone players, Basically do you take the likelihood of them being hurt again in the future?

  3. Scott

    “What the order does is give me a quick way of going back to self evaluate over the years and my favorite part, the ability to question beliefs about what is more valuable.”

    Matt, with that being said what one area did u overlook previously that you now know matters whole bunch?

  4. msb

    Seeing Cord Sandberg in Williamsport several times last year, I have been much higher on him than others. His tools are there, he’s still young and can make adjustments. Reminds me a little of Jim Edmonds