Daniel Brito

Name: Daniel Brito
Born: 1/23/1998
Position: 2B
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 159lbs
Bats/Throws: L/R
Options Remaining: 3
Rule 5 Eligible: 2019
MiLB Free Agency: 2021
Drafted: International FA 2014
From: Puerto Ordaz, VE
Signed: 7/2/2014
Bonus: $650,000

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Reports and Scouting:

Phillies Minor Thoughts

2016 Preseason:

Role: Major League Regular
Risk: Extreme – Brito is very physically underdeveloped, and there are a lot of questions about what position he plays long term.  Due to his low amount of at bats stateside, the amount of information on him remains low.
Summary: When the Phillies signed three 16 year old shortstops in the summer of 2014 there was always going to be an odd one out.  So while Arquimedez Gamboa struggled and Jonathan Arauz excelled in the GCL, Daniel Brito went down to the Dominican Summer League.  Brito came back stateside for Instructional Leagues, but no one I talked to saw him enough to really nail down what they thought about his future.  Brito is still lanky and skinny, lacking the necessary strength to make a real impact with his bat.  He has a natural feel for contact and has shown a good approach at every level.  His swing is not geared for power (even if he had the strength), so he will likely be more of gap hitter as he matures.  He was an average runner when he signed, and he wasn’t able to be successful on the base paths this summer.  There is some debate as to what position Brito will play long term, and the Phillies have already begun playing him at both second base and shortstop.  If he has to move off the infield, center field has also been mentioned as a possibility.  Much like Carlos Tocci, Brito is going to struggle to be impactful until he puts on muscle mass, but as he does the contact quality is going to make a large jump forward.  Because information on him is so scarce, his future is mostly a mystery.  What we do know is that he is a projectable hitter, with a good approach and feel for contact, who is going to play up the middle somewhere.
2016 Outlook: Brito will almost certainly go to Extended Spring Training and the GCL.  It is likely that he will still struggle to make hard contact due to his size, but making contact and having good ABs will be key.  Given that Arauz was traded, and they didn’t sign any big name Latin SSs in 2015, Brito will probably continue to see time at both second base and shortstop.

2015 Preseason:

Role: Solid Regular
Risk: Extreme – July 2 signing with only pro experience coming in Fall Instructs and his needed physical projection lends extra risk.
Summary: Brito is the lowest ranked of the three Latin July 2 shortstops the Phillies spent $600k+ on this past season. In many ways Brito’s frame and abilities are reminiscent of Carlos Tocci. Brito has a long way to go physically, and there are questions about whether his frame can handle enough muscle. Also like Tocci, he has a feel for hitting beyond both his age and physical abilities. He has solid actions at shortstop, but right now seems the most likely of the group to have to make the shift to either second base or center field. Much like Arauz, Brito was under the radar having not attended many showcases. Like Gamboa and Arauz, Brito will likely begin the year in the GCL where he will be in the juggling act for playing time. It may be a few years before Brito has matured enough physically to know where his future projection is.


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