Dylan Cozens

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Pre Draft:

Dylan Cozens is a massive human who had scholarships to play defensive end in college. Cozens was kicked off his HS team in his junior year after an altercation with a coach. He went on to break the Arizona HS HR record in his senior year at Chapparal. There is some stiffness in the swing and the body, but it comes with plus to plus plus raw power. He is athletic enough and has the arm to play RF in pro-ball.

Scouting Report:

Hit: Cozens gets good extension and the bat speed is solid. But it is a bit stiff and at 6’6″ there are plenty of holes that already exist in the swing, especially because it gets a bit long. The approach is solid, but nothing spectacular. There is a lot of swing and miss already here and huge risk that the hit tool will be exposed at upper levels. Present: 30/Future Potential: 40

Power: Cozens is a large man and has a swing to match. There is life and hard contact in the swing and it comes without much effort. Most of the power has been to the pull side in games, but scouts think he can harness power to all fields. The hit tool will ultimately determine how much the power will play. Cozens is unlikely to get bigger in a positive way, but there is plenty there already. Present: 60/Future Potential: 70

Speed: Despite his stolen base prowess Cozens is a fringe average runner at best. It is likely he is going to slower as he gets even bigger. It is unlikely he will be more than a 10 SB guy in the majors, even if he keeps his instincts up the ladder. Present: 45/Future Potential: 35

Glove: Cozens has the athletic ability to have average range in right field, but at times it is an adventure at best in the outfield. He has had to play some center field due to roster crunches, but it is a real disaster out there. Whether he can play a corner in the outfield depends on how big and slow he ends up. Present: 40 / Future Potential: 45

Arm: Its an above average arm, good enough for RF, but not a serious weapon. Present: 55 / Future Potential: 55

Profile: There is big power here, but huge questions on whether he gets to it. The defensive profile is playable, but won’t add a ton of value. His ceiling is solid regular in an outfield corner, but the risk is enormous on whether he will get to that ceiling.



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