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Pre Draft:


Fastball:  For Biddle the velocity has been all over the place since he signed.  Biddle touched as high as 98 in high school, but was mostly 89-91 in his first few years of pro-ball.  In AA Biddle was mostly 90-92 touching 94 when healthy, though the pitch is relatively straight.  He still will flash higher velocity a couple of times a year, but at this point it is unlikely he will sit at a higher velocity. Current: 50/Future Potential: 55

Curveball:  Biddle’s curveball is a rainbow coming in loopy and slow for the most part.  When he gets on top of the pitch he can bury the pitch down with sharp bite, but he does lose this and he can hang the pitch in the middle of the zone.  The grades on the pitch range from plus to below average depending on who you talk to and what they saw.  Ultimately the future of the pitch comes down to Biddle’s delivery. Current: 50/Future Potential: 55

Slider:  Biddle shelved the slider from the time he was drafted until spring 2013 when he started working it back in.  If he stays on top of it, it can be an average pitch. Current: 40/Future Potential: 50

Changeup:  Biddle’s curveball has gotten a lot of press over the years, but many evaluators have always liked the changeup more.  Like everything else in the arsenal it is at its best when he is over top of it and getting it down in the zone.  There is some fade and deception in the pitch and it could get all the way to plus or at minimum above average.  The big problem is he still lacks confidence in the changeup and when the delivery is bad the pitch becomes a BP fastball up in the zone. Current: 45/Future Potential: 55

Summary: Not a lot has gone right for Biddle of late, but there is still a major league starter in here.  Right now it is hard to see any pitches with a plus grade on them, but at times when the delivery is there that it looks like he will be able to maybe someday have 3 plus pitches.  Biddle’s floor is probably #5 starter with a likely role of a #4 starter.  There is a chance at mid-rotation if he can stay healthy and start to have the consistent time on the mound to really make adjustments.  It is not the sexiest profile in the Phillies system, but it is a really solid pitcher who is often overlooked.

2015 Preseason:

Role: #3/#4 Starter
Risk: High – Despite the non-baseball injury setbacks, Biddle still needs to make strides in both his control and delivery consistency.
Summary:  Biddle is one of the most divisive prospects in the Phillies system.  His critics point to his numbers of the past two seasons and see a player who should not be anywhere near a top 10.  But whichever side you fall on, the consensus is that Biddle has been very unlucky of late.  In addition to some more “normal” injuries, Biddle was hit on the head with a grapefruit sized piece of hail, and the resulting concussion greatly affected the middle of his season.  In the starts following the concussion, his fastball was 89-91, his curveball sailed, his changeup disappeared, and he had no control of any of his pitches.  Over the time period (22 innings), Biddle allowed 6 HRs and 16 walks.  If we separate those 5 starts out, here is Biddle’s season:

Outside of Injury1472.12.997.
After Injury522.09.8210.

The results are a bit more in line with what we expected from Biddle, especially since he walked 3 in his last inning of the year after injuring his quad.  When healthy, Biddle’s fastball was 91-93, touching 94, and he was able to stay on top of the curveball and changeup.  This gives him three pitches in the above average range, with the potential that all of them can get towards plus.  There is still plenty of work he needs to do in terms of commanding his pitches, but being healthy and comfortable in his delivery will help his consistency.  I am not worried about him mentally, and he is one of the hardest workers in the Phillies system.  Given the AA depth and his disastrous trips there, I could see the Phillies starting him in Lehigh Valley this year.  He is already on the 40 man roster, so he could see a late season appearance in Philadelphia if it all goes well.

Scouting Report:


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