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Pre Draft:

Tocci is rail thin, but shows good contact ability, but without any power. He has great instincts in center field and is at least a plus runner, he pairs that with plus arm strength. There is a lot of physical development needed before there is a chance to see what his ultimate upside might be.

Scouting Report:


Hit: All the raw pieces are there for Tocci to be a very solid hitter. There is not a ton of swing and miss (though he had spurts of being ultra aggressive at the plate in 2014). He has a good feel for the zone and can line the ball to all fields now. He still lacks the power to impact the ball and ends up with a lot of weak contact because of the lack of power. If he can continue to get stronger he could be an above average hitter with a chance at plus long term. Current: 30/Future Potential: 60

Power: Before 2014 Tocci showed absolutely no power in his game at all. In 2014 he showed glimpses of the ability to drive the ball as his XBHs went from 17 to 28 and he hit his first two career home runs. The swing is fairly level and geared more towards line drive contact, but he can get a hold of a pitch and sting it out to the gaps and sometimes out of the park. He needs to get stronger, but if he does he could hit for enough power to keep pitchers from just challenging him with strikes. Current: 20/Future Potential: 35

Speed: There is a lot of debate on what Tocci’s actual speed is. Many think he will actually gain speed as he puts on weight because his legs have some room to get strong enough to really handle a full season workload. He uses the speed well in the outfield where he can cover large amounts of ground. He still has a lot of work to do on the base paths and the Phillies think that he will improve as added strength gives him a more explosive first step. Current: 60/Future Potential: 70

Defense: Tocci has outstanding instincts in center field and his speed allows him to seemingly glide around covering large amounts of ground. Right now the pieces are there for him to be a plus defender, but if the speed ticks up with added strength, the added ground covered could give him even more projection. Current: 50/Future Potential: 60

Arm: Tocci has at least a plus arm and makes strong accurate throws, and it could be a weapon in center field. Current: 60

Profile: For Tocci it all comes down to how much good muscle can he add to his frame. The instincts are very good for a 19 year old, and he has good control over the game. If the strength emerges and he can hit for average with some occasional power he could be a solid regular. The defense should get him close to the majors on its own, but the bat will hold him back. Tocci made huge improvements in 2014, and could make a similar jump in 2015, but he might now leap forward for a while.

2015 Preseason:

Role: First Division Regular
Risk: High – Despite some steps forward in his power and strength in 2014, Tocci has the same problems as the past.  Tocci is a very good defender in center field, but he needs to add more strength for his bat to work as in the majors.
Summary:  On the surface, the numbers continue to look poor for Tocci, but 2014 saw him double his ISO and hit his first two professional home runs.  In July, Tocci put up his most impressive month as a pro, hitting .293/.339/.448 over 28 games, before cratering in August as he got tired.  The Phillies are working with Tocci to add more muscle this offseason, and if Tocci can make some incremental improvements, his natural feel for hitting will show up more in his stats.

Carlos Tocci 2013 Spray Chart

Carlos Tocci Spray Chart 2014

Unlike other players who lack power, Tocci has some loft to his swing, so when he starts to hit the ball harder it will carry to the gaps.  Adding more strength will help more than just Tocci’s hitting; he has plus plus raw speed, but he does not have the lower body strength right now to accelerate quickly, causing his stolen base numbers to be low.  In the outfield, Tocci continues to be an outstanding center fielder with good routes and range, and his plus arm is a weapon.  It is still going to be a slow developmental road for Tocci, but he should move to Clearwater in 2015.  Tocci’s defense can carry him most of the way to the majors, but he is going to need to hit at some point before he can get there.

2015 Midseason:

What Happened:  In somewhat of a surprise the Phillies sent Carlos Tocci back to Lakewood, where he set the record for most games in a BlueClaws jersey.  He also lead the South Atlantic League in the offensive categories teammates Malquin Canelo and Rhys Hoskins left for him.  He received a promotion to Clearwater in early June and after struggling for a couple weeks went on an offensive tear there too.  His run in hi-A has been less sustainable as his walks, power, and steals are down while his strikeouts increased.  But, he has shown that he can really hit while playing outstanding defense in center field.
What Next:  The second half will be about getting the secondary skills back to where they were in Lakewood.  He has flashed the power potential but he still needs to hit the ball perfectly to get extra bases.  He also needs to adjust to better pitchers, especially good offspeed pitches, but has the raw abilities to make the adjustments.  His stock is rising quickly this year.



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