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2015 Preseason:

Role: #3/#4 Starter
Risk: High – Pinto is still missing a third usable pitch next to go with his fastball and changeup, and his track record of stateside success is limited so far.  Once the slider starts to come along, he could move very quickly.
Summary: Ricardo Pinto seemingly came out of nowhere in 2014, as the Phillies brought the diminutive RHP directly from the VSL to the New York Penn League.  An injury got his season off to a late start, but after that his year took off.  Pinto brings a fastball that is mostly 91-94, but has gotten as high as 96.  He pairs it with a changeup that the Williamsport staff raved about, and it has been described as above average to plus depending on who you talk to.  The slider is still a work in progress, but it can flash average potential.  Pinto has earned a reputation for just attacking batters with his stuff in the zone, and up to now he has been able to miss bats.  He is relatively compactly built and is unlikely to put on more muscle and velocity.  Given his advanced feel and the fact that he will be 21 on opening day, there is a chance that Pinto will skip over Lakewood and go right to Clearwater.  Either way, Pinto has enough stuff to flash mid rotation upside on a good day, and on a bad day, still make you think he could be very good in a bullpen role with the fastball-changeup combination.

2015 Midseason:

What Happened:  There hasn’t been a huge jump in stuff for Ricardo Pinto, but that wasn’t really needed.  Pinto still brings a fastball at 91-94, touching 95-96 and a changeup that most evaluators describe as plus.  His slider is still a work in progress, but his two pitch arsenal allowed him to cruise through Lakewood and get off to a hot start in Clearwater.  The Phillies really like Pinto and his ability to attack hitters without hesitation.  All together Pinto looks like a mid rotation starter that could arrive in the majors by the end of 2016.
What Next: The big future growth point for Pinto is his slider.  Right now it is a poor pitch, but he will have starts where it looks like a future average pitch.  If he can get the pitch to average it will allow him to use his changeup to miss bats again.  He will likely finish out the year in Clearwater before going to Reading in 2016.


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Injury History:

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