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2016 Preseason:

Role: #2/#3 Starter
Risk: Medium – Jake Thompson’s stuff has stepped back enough that the front of a rotation ceiling might be a bit out of grasp, but he is some changeup improvements and a tick better command from being a major league starter in 2016.
Summary:  Jake Thompson was the last name of the Cole Hamels deal to come out, and the trade marked his third organization in his young career.  Thompson looked to make a dramatic improvement after the trade, but in reality he kept his BB% and K% steady before and after the promotion.  However, that doesn’t take into account his two good Eastern League playoff starts, including a complete game shutout against Bowie.  Just looking at walks and strikeouts doesn’t show the improvements that Thompson made, as he should a large uptick in ground ball rate and drop in line drive rate, to go with a drop in his home run rate.  On the mound, Thompson throws his fastball at 88-94 and can touch 95, however the lower end of that range is dominated by his two seam fastball.  He mixes in a changeup that is fringe average to average, depending on the day, and an average curveball that has some loopiness to it and is more of a change of pace than a bat misser.  The real weapon here is his slider, which is at least plus, with some evaluators in the past throwing a plus plus grade on it.  The pitch is a bat misser, and he is not afraid to throw it in any count.  For the most part, Thompson has better control than command, though he does command his slider well and has started to really keep the ball down in the zone.  It has been noted that he does have some delivery inconsistency that can lead to worse command and bouts of wildness.  Outside of the command, it will be important to see how he sequences and uses all of his pitches when his arsenal is geared towards winning and not development.  There are some that think Thompson is best suited for the bullpen, where his fastball and slider would make him dominant.  However, the strides he has made with his changeup and command make him much more valuable in a major league rotation.  If everything progresses he can work as a #3 starter, with the fastball and slider leading the way and the changeup/curveball keeping hitters off balance.  Given his workhorse frame, Thompson may be able to work as a #4 starter off of just the fastball/slider if he can keep his control together.  Thompson has the upside of a #2 starter, but it will take one of part of his game taking a step forward.  This gives him a bit of volatility, but also safety, because no matter the evaluation, it seems likely that he can be a starting pitcher.
2016 Outlook:  Thompson will join a stacked Lehigh Valley rotation in 2016.  It is hard to predict who will make the majors first, but the Phillies rotation is not stacked enough that Thompson won’t be able to force the issue if he shows that he is ready.  He could be on a path that will have him in the majors at a similar pace to Aaron Nola during the 2015 season.

2015 Midseason:

What Happened:  It was a rough statistical year for the big righty as he got hit around a bit in the Texas League.  His peripherals were ok but not great, but the stuff was still exactly as expected.  He hasn’t held some minor upticks in velocity, but he still sits 90-94 touching 95.  His main weapon is a slider which some evaluators rate as high as plus plus, but the consensus seems to have it at least as a plus pitch.  He also throws an average changeup.  Overall, it has been a bit of a disappointing year for Thompson but he still shows the ability to be a mid-rotation work horse.
What Next:  The Eastern League is more forgiving that the Texas League, though the Reading park won’t hold all of the mistakes.  In Reading he will join a new “stacked” rotation with Zach Eflin, Ben Lively, Nick Pivetta, and Mark Leiter Jr.  I am not sure if the Phillies will alter things about him, but it will be key for Thompson to find some consistency to end the year.  He is probably on a similar path to the majors as Zach Eflin.

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