Phillies 2016 Rounds 16 to 20

The draft is never ending…

In reality this is the part of the draft where the team is picking for need, that need is filling up the low minors rosters. The goal is to find guys who are a break or two away from being some sort of major leaguer. Almost none will make it to the majors, but if one does it is a great scouting win.

Draft Tracker

Round 16: Brett Barbier, C, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
The Phillies announced Barbier as a catcher and BA notes that he will need to catch to have value, because his bat does not play at first base. He did hit well as a junior, so if he can stick behind the plate he is interesting.

Round 17: Danny Zardon, 3B, Nova Southeastern University
Zardon transferred from LSU and helped lead Nova Southeastern to the DII title this year. He can play first and second, but should be a good defender at third base, which is where the Phillies will have him play. He has some power (15 HRs this year) and has hit well in the past and walked 39 times to 45 strikeouts this past season.

Round 18: Jake Kelzer, RHP, Indiana
This is the third year in a row that Kelzer has been drafted, and as a red shirt junior he could go back again. Kelzer is a giant (6’8″) who had a lot of promise as a starter, but he never developed. This year Kelzer moved to the bullpen and was dominant with a 1.54 ERA and 10.54 strikeouts per 9. His fastball is up to 94 and he will show a good slider. He is probably signable, but he is not a lock.

Round 19: Will Hibbs, RHP, Lamar
Hibbs has size (6’7″) and is coming off a good senior season. He was a starter in college, but he will almost certainly be a reliever.

Round 20: Caleb Eldridge, 1B, Cowley County CC
The third first baseman the day. Eldridge went to Oklahoma State for a year before going to JuCo. He hit for power this year, but this all I have on him.

Author: Matt Winkelman

Matt Winkelman
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