Author: Matt Winkelman

Matt Winkelman

Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on Phuture Phillies, The Good Phight, and TheDynastyGuru.


  1. Dave

    Oh, brother.

    Who’s next on the 2B depth chart? Drew Stankiewicz will get the playing time, I guess. Grenny Cumana’s off to a good start in Lakewood, but he’s only 19, and it’s premature to promote him, IMHO. 27-year old Brodie Greene was picked up to fill the roster spot.

    • Romus

      First-degree misdemeanor, not felony.
      But still criminal charge in Florida with jail time if found guilty.
      But he has family backing with a strong legal representation.
      He pled not guilty on 8 April.
      Hope it works out for him and the affected other party
      Will see how MLB deals this with domestic violence issue with Jesmuel Valentin.
      This is now forefront in the sports world, starting last year in the NFL and all the repercussions on handling the situations.
      Hope it works out for the young man and all parties involved… starting tough for him now with a stigma too live down.

      • Dave

        Marlon Byrd went through a similar incident as a minor-leaguer (in SWB, as I recall), so with luck, Jes Valentin will take it as an opportunity to turn around whatever led him here.