2017-2018 Signing Period


Tracking Spreadsheet

Baseball America Team Tracker

Bonus Pool: $4,750,000 + ~$1,000,000

Total Bonuses: $4,670,000

  • Luis Garcia, SS, Dominican Republic
    • Signing Bonus: $2,500,000
  • Victor Vargas, RHP, Colombia
    • Signing Bonus: $525,000
  • Cesar Rodriguez, C, Venezuela
  • Carlos Betancourt, RHP, Venezuela
  • Alfonso Puello, RHP, Dominican Republic
    • Signing Bonus: $460,000
  • Cristian Hernandez, RHP, Venezuela
  • Oscar Gonzalez, C, Venezuela
  • Alberto Torres, LHP, Colombia
    • Signing Bonus: $90,000
  • Diego Tamariz, RHP, Venezuela
  • Alejandro Made, RHP, Dominican Republic
  • Pedro Ramirez, OF, Dominican Republic
  • Junior Ortega, OF, Dominican Republic
  • Luis Candelo, RHP
  • Adrian Marin, LHP, Venezuela
  • Joan Hernandez, RHP, Dominican Republic
  • Jordi Martinez, LHP, Dominican Republic
  • Hernando Mejia, RHP, Colombia
  • Rafi Gonell, RHP, Dominican Republic
  • Johan Rojas, OF, Dominican Republic
  • Engel Estevez, RHP, Dominican Republic
  • Rafael Franco, OF, Mexico
  • Kyle Glogoski, RHP, New Zealand
  • Daniel Vilchez, RHP
  • Jefferson Encarnacion, OF, Dominican Republic
  • Efrain Morales, RHP, Mexico
  • Andy Reyes, RHP, Dominican Republic
  • Ellian Rondon, SS, Dominican Republic
  • Felix Negueis, OF, Dominican Republic

Rumored Signings

Baseball America Top 50

MLB Pipeline Top 30

  • Luis Garcia, SS, Dominican Republic
    • Expected Bonus: $2,500,000
    • Baseball America (2/27/17)
    • Baseball America 6/27 #12
      • Garcia jumped out early in the scouting process last year as a switch-hitting shortstop with a smooth glove while training in Carlos Guzman’s program. He’s among the best defensive shortstops this year and some scouts consider him the best fielder in the group. While he has more of a compact build than the typical wiry shortstop his age, Garcia is extremely light on his feet, floating around in the field with quick hands and a 55 arm that could tick up to plus. A solid-average runner, Garcia is fundamentally sound for his age and can make the flashier barehanded plays as well.Scouts highest on Garcia saw him hit well in games, though he struggled at the MLB international showcase in February, when he went 0-for-6 with a walk and three strikeouts. Garcia’s swing is better from the left side. Both swings are short and quick, and he uses his hands well. He hits to all fields but his swing comes straight down and results in a lot of balls on the ground, with a line-drive approach and occasional doubles power. Scouts highest on Garcia thought he was a well-rounded player who had a chance to hit at the top of a lineup, though several others thought he was more of a defensive-oriented player who was more of a bottom-of-the-order hitter. Garcia is expected to be one of the highest paid players in the class with a likely price tag around $2.5 million. He’s likely to sign with the Phillies.
    • MLB Pipeline #7
      • Scouting grades: Hit: 50 | Power: 35 | Run: 60 | Arm: 55 | Field: 60Garcia is rarely the biggest prospect on the field, but his skill set and potential are immense.The middle infielder can flash the leather on defense and has wowed scouts with his plus arm. Garcia has shown good range to all directions and a reliable glove, leading many to believe he will stay at shortstop for the rest of his career. Not surprisingly, he’s been praised for his good footwork and advanced body control.But Garcia is not just a defense-only player. On offense, the switch-hitter has a short and quick swing. Garcia is a contact hitter with good speed and an approach that’s probably better suited for the top of the lineup, at least for now. He’s a line-drive hitter that has not shown much power, but that could change as he grows and his body matures.Garcia is trained by Carlos Guzman in the Dominican Republic. The Phillies are the favorites to sign him.
  • Victor Vargas, RHP, Colombia
    • Baseball America 6/27 #25
      • Most of the talent for July 2 is concentrated in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, but Colombia continues to produce a handful of prospects each year. Vargas is one of the top pitchers in the class because of his combination of stuff, mechanics and feel for pitching. He projects as a starter with a fluid delivery, good arm action and the ability to locate his stuff well for his age. Vargas has a four-pitch mix, working off a fastball that sits at 89-91 mph and has reached 93, with the physical projection to be sitting at least in the low-90s once he gets stronger. He throws two breaking pitches, including an advanced curveball that flashes average and is ahead of his short, cutter-like slider. Vargas has shown good feel to throw a changeup as well. The Phillies are the favorites to sign Vargas.
  • Carlos Betancourt, RHP, Venezuela
    • Baseball America 6/27 #41
      • Between his arm speed, present stuff and athleticism, Betancourt’s upside is among the most promising for 2017 pitchers. A fiery competitor, Betancourt has excellent arm speed on a fastball that has reached 94 mph and sits in the low-90s in short stints. With his clean arm stroke, room on his frame to add weight and the way the ball already jumps out of his hand, Betancourt could eventually throw in the upper-90s. Betancourt complements his fastball with a breaking ball that flashes as a 55 pitch on the 20-80 scale. That pitch can get slurvy at times, but Betancourt has feel to spin the ball and get swings-and-misses, with some scouts projecting it as a future plus offering. One of the risks with Betancourt is his control, which can be erratic, but he’s an above-average athlete for a pitcher, which should help him make adjustments to repeat his delivery with more frequency. Betancourt trains with Julio Guevara and is linked to the Phillies.
  • Cesar Rodriguez, C, Venezuela
    • Baseball America 6/27 #42
      • Rodriguez has a small, stubby build but should stick behind the plate and has been one of the better offensive performers in Venezuela. Rodriguez has a sound swing, quick bat speed and good barrel control. He makes frequent contact in games and has hammered hard-throwing, older pitchers when he’s faced them. Rodriguez uses the whole field with a line-drive approach and racks up plenty of doubles, though at his size he probably won’t ever be a big power hitter. He has a mature hitting approach for a 16-year-old with sharp strike-zone discipline. Behind the plate, Rodriguez doesn’t have the athleticism some scouts prefer in a catcher his age, but he’s a steady defender with an average arm and an aggressive, hard-nosed playing style. Rodriguez, who trains with Luis Blasini, is linked to the Phillies.