First Minor League Work Groups

While the big league players take the main field, the minor leaguers have arrived in camp.  Thanks to Baseball Betsy and Jim Peyton we have the first set of workout groups.  This early in the process, the list serves two functions for me; it is a check to see if all players are back from last year and it is a first look at which international players the Phillies prioritized in bringing stateside.  As was true the last few years, the number of international players is low for the start of spring training, with more of the players being in the Dominican academy, the Phillies will then bring more stateside as camp transitions to Extended Spring Training.  Here is the list as published by Baseball Betsy.

Workout Group 1 2016

Photo by Baseball Betsy

Just some quick thoughts and notes on this list:

  • Just reminder that the groups don’t mean too much early as minor leaguers still in big league camp will affect who is where, later groups will give more of a clue as to what the assignments might be.
  • The international players brought stateside include big 2015 signees OF Jhailyn Ortiz and C Rafael Marchan, the remaining big 2014 signees in SS Daniel Brito and C Lenin Rodriguez, joining them are C Nerluis Marinez, OF Enmanuel Garcia, P Oskerlly Sanchez, and  P Geury Ortiz.
  • Jim notes that Skylar Hunter, Feliberto Sanchez, Tyler Henson, and Ben Pelletier are not listed, it will be worth keeping an eye out to see if that will continue or if we will see them in camp soon.
  • OF Jake Sweaney appears to be healthy, the 2013 4th round pick was moved off catcher in 2014 and had Tommy John last spring, he was well liked out of HS and is only 21.
  • I am very interested in Reginald Wilson.  Wilson was the Phillies 32nd round pick last year out of Oklahoma City University as a senior.  He is small (5’9″ 180lbs) but put very interesting numbers in center field both during the regular season (.374/.484/.626 with 8 HR and 20 SB) and in the Jayhawk League last summer (.333/.405/.493 2 HR 7 SB).  He was named Perfect Game’s #3 prospect in the Jayhawk League last summer before signing with the Phillies at the deadline.  He has more tools than a typical senior sign and is worth watching.
  • No word on why Mark Leiter, Brandon Leibrandt, and Scott Harris are injured.  Drew Anderson is recovering from Tommy John surgery.
  • There are going to be quite a few cuts from this list as there are not enough spot for everyone, especially on the pitching side.

Author: Matt Winkelman

Matt Winkelman
Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on Phuture Phillies, The Good Phight, and TheDynastyGuru.


  1. abc

    Did I fail to see it or did Brock Stassi fail to make your top 50? Just curious because of spring training chatter.

    • Matt Winkelman

      He missed the list. He looks good this spring, but the list of guys who have done well in AA at age 26 and failed is about as long as the list of guys with just a good spring to their name. He has added more power and his contact is good, but he still is a low power first baseman and you can find a lot of guys like him with similar upside. Great story, but I wouldn’t be betting on him.

      • Abc

        I see. Thanks!

  2. carheels

    Tyler henson is in camp. Saw him yesterday

    • carheels

      An update to this….Spoke to Tyler Henson in camp, and he is now a coach. He is not sure where he will be placed yet. That is why he is not listed on the workout groups.