Breaking Down the 40 Man Roster

Take a good look because all of this could be gone tomorrow.  The Phillies roster is going through rapid change as we approach the start of the year.  So I thought it might be fun to take a snapshot at this moment in time.  There is not much to take away from this, except maybe the part on age. (full roster)


DraftInternational FATradeFAWaiversRule 5
  • Jerome Williams was actually a waiver claim last year.
  • The most represented draft class is 2010, with David Buchanan (7th), Jesse Biddle (1st), Cameron Rupp (3rd), and Mario Hollands (10th). 2011 (Morgan, Giles, Asche) and 2009 (Ruf, Dugan, Altherr) are the next most represented.


  • The Phillies have 23 pitchers and 17 position players on the roster
  • The non-roster invites list has 4 pitchers and 13 position players


image (2)


  • Shortest Hitter: Ben Revere
  • Shortest Pitcher: Joely Rodriguez/Adam Morgan/Chad Billingsley
  • Tallest Hitter: Aaron Altherr/Domonic Brown
  • Tallest Pitcher: Aaron Harang/Phillippe Aumont


image (3)


I didn’t do enough research to say what the normal age distribution is, but it was surprising to me how many young players were on the roster right now.


Now all of this could change by opening day, but until then we will have this moment in time to see what it all looked like

Author: Matt Winkelman

Matt Winkelman

Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on Phuture Phillies, The Good Phight, and TheDynastyGuru.


  1. jettmartinez

    I guess you’re counting Hernandez as an outfielder? The roster on the Phillies site has 7 infielders and 7 outfielders, where your break down is 6/8.

    • Matt Winkelman

      Odubel Herrera, the Phillies have indicated he will be working in the outfield (LF, so he is actually under LF/RF), I have Hernandez listed at 2B.

  2. Rei De Bastoni

    This roster absolutely has to change. 1 SS out of 40 is completely unacceptable; they have to get a couple more, including one for the 25 man. I would have thought they’d have another before now, but they still have some time before ST starts. Betancourt would have looked really good right about now.

    • Romus

      Rei…did not know he was a FA.
      Betancourt would look nice. Has versatility also being able to play some third. But he may want to be with a contender at this stage of his career. But money talks.

      • Rei De Bastoni

        Not an FA this year, but I wanted them to keep him on the team last year.

        • Matt Winkelman

          Betancourt is one of the worst players in baseball, he can’t field, he can’t hit. Last year he was worth -2.0 WAR for the Brewers and was relegated to 1B/3B

        • Romus

          winks…..I think Rei was talking about Betancourt as a backup, reserve infielder
          Freddy, who isn’t the best alternative at the plate, may need some spelling once in awhile, and Betancourt with 4000plus PAs and 10 years in the league has some experience.
          At this late point, who is available to fill in behind Freddy.

        • Rei De Bastoni

          Sorry, I was a year off. I thought last year was the year he was cut by the Phillies to join the Brewers and had a starting job.

          Looking at ESPN’s FA tracker, I don’t see any available SS’s. They could have had Barmes or Descalso for fairly cheap, but they seem hell-bent on handing Galvis the job, I guess hoping that Odubel or Cesar would work if he got hurt.

          Unless I’m completely missing something. I don’t think Galvis is a starting SS on even a rebuilding team.

  3. Steve

    Im not sure i would waste a spot on the 40 man on someone like betancourt. I would expect someone to be added (either from within the org, or via free agency) before opening day, but does it really matter who? By that point they can decide who to remove from the roster. If galvis gets hurt we could let Aumont play ss. Seriously though, even if we had Tulo, this team wouldnt be winning 80 games. Save spots on the 40 man for people who can help us in 2017 and beyond.