2015 Phillies Draft Tracker

The 2015 MLB Draft Kicks off tonight June 8 with rounds 1 and 2, Day 2 will be rounds 3-10, and Day 3 will be rounds 11-40.  This post will be updated as picks come in with details and links as they become available.


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Day 1:

First Round (#10 Overall) – Cornelius Randolph, SS, Griffin HS (GA)

BA – 20 | ESPN – 29 | Fangraphs – 11 | MLB Pipeline – 19

UPDATE: Johnny Almaraz has announced that Randolph will be moving to left field and could start off in Williamsport.

Second Round (#48 Overall) – Scott Kingery, 2B, Arizona

BA – 40 | ESPN – 25 | Fangraphs – 32 | MLB Pipeline – 42

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Author: Matt Winkelman

Matt Winkelman
Matt is originally from Mt. Holly, NJ, but after a 4 year side track to Cleveland for college he now resides in Madison, WI. His work has appeared on Phuture Phillies, The Good Phight, and TheDynastyGuru.


  1. Nick M

    Randolph looks so young. If not a SS, could he play 2B with that bat?

  2. phillysf

    Are we happy with Kingery ?

    • Matt Winkelman

      I really like the pick. Was one of the top few players on the board for me

  3. Cole M

    I’m happy so far…Interested to see what bonuses get dolled out to each.

  4. allentown1

    The third round pick? Wow! I guess we think we know something nobody else knows.

    • Matt Winkelman

      There was apparently rumors he could go in the 3rd round. Also could be an opportunity to get a guy they like while possibly saving some money as well.

      • Romus

        So far 2 of first 3 HS players.

  5. allentown1

    Pick 4 is worse than pick 3. Is this to be a two prospect draft? How big a bonus are we giving Randolph? It’s not as though he was rated higher than we picked him.

    • Matt Winkelman

      Could also have an overslot guy they will take later, can’t judge the draft 4 picks in

    • USSWasteland

      I’m biased as a USC fan, but I see Kyle Martin as being Darin Ruf but with a bit more athleticism and a bit less swing and miss, so I’m all aboard on this pick.

  6. Kurdt Kobeyn

    i’m lukewarm so far for the R3 and R4 picks. I think there are better players available. My hope are that both Williams and Martin are: a) above average hitters and b) sign under slot so that we can draft players with higher upside like Everett and Hooper @ R5 or R6

    • allentown1

      Nope, another unranked guy is round 5.

    • allentown1

      And now in round 6. The round 6 seems okay though. 6-10 is a good place to draft signable college pitchers with a chance to be MLB relievers. We should strive to produce one new MLB reliever each season.

  7. allentown1

    And now… a promising HS pick in round 8. That’s something new for Phillies.

  8. Rei De Bastoni

    I just wanted to say it’s been a pleasure following your draft tracking here, Matt. You’ve done a really good job of quickly compiling a lot of info on each player as they’re picked.

    • Gberg


  9. philabaltfan

    Matt, great job of putting information for each draft pick the Phillies made. I liked the Phillies approach with the draft in the early rounds with accomplished hitters and some speed with good batting approach and contact ability. This has been an interesting draft and look forward to your objective comments and views of the draft.

  10. allentown1

    We close out the day with 3 nice picks in rounds 8-10.

    • Philly SF

      But can we sign the on kid

  11. MLL

    Brendan Hayden was a 36th round pick of the Phillies in 2011- as a LHP at that time.

  12. allentown1

    I feel cheated of the 12-15 round HS flier picks. I guess we’re out of $ and really like the Juco guy at #11.

  13. Kurdt Kobeyn

    Phils are drafting a lot of older college players (JR and SR) — are they planning to sign all of them (rds 11 to 20)?? Signing the Top 10 is a must given the lack of HS prospects drafted after Rd 10. we already reached the point wherein 90% of the draftees (after Rd 20) will not sign with the team who drafted them.

  14. allentown1

    Okay, we’ve gotten a few interesting HS flier types. A little late in the draft for that, but better late than never.